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NC Women United (NCWU) is a coalition of progressive organizations and individuals working to achieve the full political, social, and economic equality of all women across North Carolina. NCWU works to build women’s power through grassroots activism, community organizing, legislative advocacy, and engagement in the political process. Learn more


NCWU President Tara Romano presenting a timeline on abortion access in NC.

Planned Parenthood Supporters Act!

Member Planned Parenthood South Atlantic kicked off its first Action Forum at UNC Greensboro recently. Look for these action forums, designed to engage PP supporters in the work for reproductive justice, to continue taking place across the state this winter. The below article was written by NCWU VP and PPSAT field organizer Heather Williams. On […]

Medicaid Die-In Participants

Medicaid Expansion is a Women’s Health Issue

  Since the 2012 Supreme Court decision that upheld the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), North Carolina is one of 20 states that has still opted to NOT expand Medicaid. In making this legislative decision, approximately 500,000 North Carolinians still do not have access to affordable, quality health insurance, limiting their ability to […]


Domestic Violence and Medicaid Expansion

Speaking at a recent press event on North Carolina’s failure to expand Medicaid, I brought up the fact that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. There are very real and substantial connections between access to health care and efforts to end domestic and sexual violence.  I would hope that people can connect these dots, but […]


Tolling the Damage to Reproductive Freedom from the 2015 General Assembly

This article, from member NARAL-NC Policy Analyst and Operations Coordinator and NCWU board director Chavi Khanna Koneru, was originally published at member NC Justice Center‘s NC Policy Watch site.  We are finally on the other side of the tunnel that was the 2015 legislative session, and it has now become clear that the reproductive freedoms of North […]

Stop HB318

Veto this Bill

NCWU is proud to stand with the immigrant community, anti-poverty advocates and others in calling for the Governor to veto HB318. This bill is not about protecting North Carolina workers. It’s about scapegoating the immigrant community for the failures of our state leadership to contribute to a robust economy that benefits all. It’s about deflecting […]