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NC Women United (NCWU) is a coalition of progressive organizations and individuals working to achieve the full political, social, and economic equality of all women across North Carolina. NCWU works to build women’s power through grassroots activism, community organizing, legislative advocacy, and engagement in the political process. Learn more


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No Vote, No Voice – Let’s Not Silence Ourselves this Election

While it may seem impossible to miss if you turn on network TV for any amount of time this fall, there are people – perhaps some know – who don’t know there is a big election coming up in November. Known as “mid-terms”, these elections happen “midway” between Presidential elections, and include US Congressional and […]


Support your local League of Women Voters – We do

Formed around the time of the passage of the 19th amendment, the League of Women Voters has always been clear about its mission  - help women carry out their newly won right to vote by providing education on the issues and protection of their voting rights. It’s a mission they have continued to the present […]


Scenes from a Women’s Equality Day rally – because #WEmatter

Thanks to everyone who came out for our very successful Women’s Equality Day rally as part of the Moral Week of Action this past Tuesday, August 26! Rallies are always a lot of work to put together, but our members and partners came together and did a fantastic job. We especially want to thank: ActionNC, […]

Emma Akpan, NCWU

Women’s Equality Day Comes to North Carolina, Amid the Moral Week of Action

By Emma Akpan, Director of Policy, NCWU; cross-posted from RH Reality Check While I was in church on Sunday, I thought about the hard choices women face. My preacher spoke from a passage in Exodus about the saving of Moses. As the story goes, the pharaoh was planning to kill all the Hebrew boys in […]


Women’s Equality Day 2014 – because we’re not there yet…

August 26 is the day we commemorate the 19th Amendment, when U.S. women were—on paper—granted the right to vote. However, we know consistently bringing all women’s voices to our policy and political tables has been a work in progress since that day in 1920.  And this work continues today in the face of extreme voting […]