Begin NOW to Prepare for 2012 Women Agenda Assemblies

In the NC Women United program cycle, even years are the time when we focus on our signature project, the Women’s Agenda Assemblies.

Our member organizations submit papers for the Draft Women’s Agenda and communities across the state start planning their Women’s Agenda Assemblies, meetings to engage women and help them practice their skills at discussing public policy issues (using the Draft Women’s Agenda as a starting point).

If you’re an advocate, check out the 2010 Draft Agenda to get an idea of the format. Papers need to be submitted by a member organization, but if you are not a member, perhaps one of your allies is on our  member list.

If you’re a community leader, consider hosting a Women’s Agenda Assembly in your county. Contact for more information on the support the state-wide organization can provide, and view this video for an overview of the program:

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