2013-2014 Board

Executive Committee

  • President  – Tara Romano
  • First Vice President –  Heather Williams (Planned Parenthood Central NC)
  • Second Vice President – Tazra Mitchell (NC Justice Center)
  • Secretary – Kay Paksoy (National Association of Social Workers – NC Chapter)
  • Treasurer – Carey Pope (Ipas)

Immediate Past President

  • Jina Dhillon

Directors for Policy

  • Emma Akpan
  • Pat Orrange (Women’s Forum of NC)
  • Laurel Sisler
  • vacant

Directors at Large

  • Kara Davies (Ipas)
  • Kelsey Kemp
  • Roberta Madden (ERA-NC)
  • Lauren Pereira
  • Rob Powell (NC Coalition Against Sexual Assault)
  • Heysoll Rodriguez

Thanks to

Nancy Shoemaker, Catherine Adamson and Peggy Heilig who recently rolled off the board.

Governance Committee

The NCWU Governance Committee has members from the board and from the member organizations. Its members are elected for one-year terms. Under an experiment approved by the board, at the 2011 and 2012 annual meetings only two members were elected instead of the full five. They will recruit other NCWU supporters for specific tasks.

  • Kathy McCullough-Testa
  • Jina Dhillon


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