About the Board

Elected positions

Board members

Two year terms with some elected at each annual meeting in the spring. Take office on July 1 following election.

Primary NCWU representative and leads overall strategic functioning of organization.
Vice President
Tasked with board health and development. Fills in for President as needed.

Policy Director

Liaisons on policy issues with members and helps develop Legislative Agenda. Coordinates policy                                     statements and reviews positions.

Ensures fiscal health of NCWU and assists with fundraising, writing grants, and gathering membership dues as needed.

Records minutes for meetings as well as maintains historical documents and photos.
The above elected offices make up the NCWU Executive Committee.
Director for Membership

Oversees renewal process. Recruits new members as needed and answers member questions. Plans and coordinates Annual Membership Meeting. Helps Co-Directors of Communications to highlight member activity. Maintains overview of member benefits.

Director for Outreach (2)

Focus on membership and partners, and provide grassroots mobilization among these groups. Volunteer coordination as needed with member organizations to help support members. Coordinate direct NCWU interns/volunteers. Direct contact to potential and current partners. Support member programs and work.

Director for Communications (2)

Operates social media and coordinates monthly newsletters. May solicit board members for news, articles, and updates to send to member. Coordinates constituent services, such as people who may contact NCWU for assistance or press requests. Manages a resource list of members and other organizations/programs to help respond to requests. Review communications for programs as necessary.

Director of Technology

Coordinates updating the website with information and news. Maintains calendar and other needed maintenance of NCWU website. Monitors NCWU’s technology needs.

Board meetings

Nominations and Elections

At the annual meeting each spring, members of the board are elected by the membership. Please contact us for background information if you might be interested in serving on the NCWU board.

Candidates for elected positions are asked to complete an application form:

  • PDF- to print and return via FAX or USMail
  • Microsoft Word – to edit and return via email