Apr. 28 Rally in Raleigh

Message from NC Women United Board Member, Tara Romano:

Some of you may be aware that there is an effort across the country to hold rallies in all 50 state capitals on April 28.  This seems to be a grassroots project started by some women in different parts of the country who were frustrated by all that has been going on at the federal and state level with regards to issues that affect women. There has been a sustained effort to pass a lot of legislation (both directly targeted and also general legislation that disproportionately affects women) that may be harmful to women as a whole; there also has been an effort to keep women out of the conversation about any of these issues.  I am sure this has been frustrating to many of us.
We all know that “women” is not some monolithic group, and that ten different women can have ten different opinions on the same issue.  But just because our opinions may differ doesn’t mean we don’t want all of our voices to be heard – on issues that affect women in singular ways, women’s voices need to be present when creating solutions. We need to counter the media approach to this issue – that the one woman on the show discussing an issue represents ALL women in America; that someone with no lived experience of the issue is seen as a more credible voice on the issue just because they have access to a platform while others living with these realities don’t; and that there is somehow a one-size-fits-all approach to some of the most complicated, difficult issues we are facing as women in America in 2012.
Women’s voices matter.  We have unique experience and wisdom we can be bring to these problems and discussions, and if we have the opportunity, we CAN create the solutions needed. NCWU’s mission is to help women find their voice on issues that are important to them, and we will be doing that a lot this year with our Agenda Assemblies and participation in the NC Women Matter campaign.  And our members also support women by giving them a voice to deal with whatever issue that may be affecting them.  But a more visible action is sometimes needed. NCWU is not directly involved in the April 28 event in Raleigh, but some of our members are, and I encourage you to pass this information on to your supporters.  And then follow that action up by attending the NCWU Report Card release on April 30!
Thanks to all of you for your work on behalf of the women and families in NC.
Tara Romano
NCWU Executive Committee
1st VP