Carolyn King – Recipient of the 2012 NCWU Anne Mackie Award

carolyn-king.jpgNamed after our founder, the Anne Mackie award was established to recognize an outstanding lifetime of work advocating for the women of NC. There are so many great advocates doing work from the coast to the mountains of NC to empower women in the state; whether it is establishing programs to prevent violence against women, advocating for more women's voices at the NC General Assembly, founding a women's resource center, being a mentor to the next generation of advocates, or just spending a lifetime supporting women, both on an individual level and in the public policy arena, we want to recognize this good work. Too often, we can get caught up in the future challenges and forget about the work that has generated successes in the past; and we need to honor those that have laid the foundations on which we are continuing to work.

With that introduction, we are pleased to announce that our selection for this year's Anne Mackie Award goes to Carolyn King. Ms. King was a lifelong advocate for women in NC, starting when she became the Teenage Director of the Raleigh YWCA in 1949. Prior to the Supreme Court ruling on school integration, Ms. King was a teacher at all African-American kindergarten at Manley Street Christian Church as they prepared for racial integration by establishing an integrated vacation bible school. Success on this initiative allowed the establishment of Rich Park, a mixed-income integrated community that provided resources for families and educational enrichment for children. To help out the working mothers at Rich Park, Ms. King then established a day care center for the preschool children in the community - Raleigh's first integrated day care, the Method Day Care Center. Realizing that many women are the primary caregivers not just to young children but also to aging parents, Ms. King also established the city's first Adult Day Care Center, the Total Life Center.

Ms. King advocated on national and global issues supporting women's rights as well, advocating for passage of both the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). Ms. King passed away in October 2012 at the age of 90. From her start after college working for the YWCA to the photo of her in 2008 advocating for the ERA at the NC General Assembly, "Carolyn's life was spent making the world better for everyone". Please join us at the NC Women United Holiday Party on Tuesday, December 18, in Raleigh to honor the memory of Carolyn King, NC Women United's 2012 Anne Mackie Award winner.

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