HB2 update: If we’re going to talk about sexual violence, let’s really talk about it

(This article was originally published at NC Policy Watch, and is a companion piece to an earlier article on the original Charlotte anti-discrimination policy that launched HB2, the anti-LGBTQ bill heard round the country.  I felt compelled to write about this again because I still heard and saw sexual violence myths being used to justify this bill. Perpetuating […]


NCWU’s Report Card on the 2015 Legislative Session Gives Lawmakers Mostly “Very Bad” Grades

2016 report card release

By Bronwen Wade, NCWU Board Member NC Women United’s (NCWU) legislative report card of the 2015 legislative session paints a harrowing picture for gender equality in North Carolina.  This report card reviews the policy goals listed in our 2015 legislative agenda and gives each one a grade based on how it fared. We gave 22 […]


2015 Legislative Report Card

NC SHAPE ----- OUTLINE in Illustrator

Following each legislative long session, NC Women United releases a Report Card on the status of our priority issues that are key to promoting women’s equality. NC Women United’s  member organizations select the priority policy goals. Click here: NCWU report card 2016


HB2 – North Carolina Surely is Better than This

HB2 rally at Governor's Mansion

Within the space of just over 48 hours last week, the NC General Assembly called a special session, introduced, “debated” (including a whole 30 minutes of public comment), and passed into law a reprehensible, discriminatory and disenfranchising piece of legislation. And despite any initial objections the Governor may have said he had, he quickly signed it […]


Discrimination is Never the Answer to Sexual Violence

As the North Carolina General Assembly still debates whether or not they should step in to overturn a local ordinance (because that is something supporters of “small government” somehow think is in line with that philosophy), we want to reiterate our belief that discrimination against any one group of people ultimately makes us less safe as a […]


Pro-choice Supporters Energized Despite Divided Court on Abortion Case

scotus hb2

Members NARAL Pro-choice NC and Planned Parenthood South Atlantic brought supporters from the Triangle to the steps of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) on March 02 to rally for abortion rights for all women. The SCOTUS was hearing oral arguments in Whole Women’s Health vs Hellerstedt, the case challenging TX’s recent restrictions […]


NC Women United Joins the HKonJ March for Social Justice


By: Bronwen Wade, NCWU Board Member February 13th marked the 10th annual HKonJ (Historic Thousands on Jones Street) March.  NC Women United joined hundreds of NAACP branches and social justice organizations to rally in front of the Memorial Auditorium in Raleigh and march to the State Capitol building.  We were there to represent the fight […]


Roe V. Wade at 43: We Must Not Go Back into the Shadows

The below article, written by NCWU President Tara Romano, was originally published at member NC Policy Watch’s Progressive Voices blog.  January 22 commemorated the 43rd anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in America. This decision, in the Texas case of Roe v. Wade, certainly did not introduce abortion to American women. […]


Marking 43 Years of Roe

Today marks 43 years since the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in the United States. Prior to this decision, American women had to traverse a complicated and often dangerous route if they made the decision to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. They may have had to travel long distances and for […]


The Time to Stand Together Has Always Been Now

As we come to the end of another year, we are at a time when many people around the world reflect on what the holiday of Christmas means to them. As the  “War on Christmas” debate takes its usual center stage in the discussion on what Christmas means in America, it seems we may be missing […]