There’s No Such Thing as an “Off-Year Election”

vote early sticker

Although we do acknowledge that the municipal elections held in odd-numbered years come awfully close in many people’s minds. Despite the fact that these elections determine who will run our cities and towns – and in some municipalities, who will run the local boards of education – turnout is typically very, very low.  In 2013, the […]


Women’s Equality Day – What are We Still Fighting For?

Tazra Mitchell, 2nd VP

Today, August 26, 2015, is the 95th anniversary of the certification of the ratification of the 19th amendment to the US Constitution, establishing the right of women in America to vote. Establishing a right and making good on that promise, of course, are two very different things. What was started in 1920 as the promise of […]


NC Women Gather in Greensboro for a Day of Education and Collaboration

Role-playing a less-than-effective collaboration meeting

The conventional wisdom is that women and men have different approaches to work, with men more likely to take risks and take charge, and women more interested in working together and creating consensus. We at NCWU would suggest that we are actually socialized and rewarded for performing to those expectations of gender, rather than any […]


Feminism and My Path to Recovery

This essay was written by our former intern, Isabella Higgins. It was originally posted at I still remember the first time I felt “fat.” I was trying on my new bikini that my mom and I bought the week before. I ran over to my mom, looked at her, and sobbed, “Mom, I don’t like how […]


TABOR Will Jeopardize the Future of NC Women and Their Families

North Carolina’s revenue problem has been a concern of ours since we compiled our 2015 Legislative Agenda back in February of this year.  Implementing a TABOR, or a “Taxpayer Bill of Rights”, is part of that concern.  And while we didn’t hear much about TABOR earlier this legislative session, SB607 has made quite a splash […]


A Success for NC Women – by Polly Williams

vintage equal pay photo

In 2015 in America, we are still having “debates” about equal pay for equal work. Because the concept of paying women the same for the same work as men is impossible to embrace in a culture that still believes women are worth less then men. It sure can feel like we are banging our heads against […]


Women Bring Their Voices to the Policy Table – Women’s Moral Monday 2015

Jina Dhillon

If you’ve been following the 2015 NC General Assembly “long session“…..well, you may not be very happy with what you’ve seen coming from our state legislative body these days. State-sanctioned discrimination is now the law of the land (and the legislators really wanted that one); and the Governor, again, signed into law additional restrictions on access […]


Erin Dale Byrd – Recipient of the 2014 Anne Mackie Award

We have been proud and honored to do our work of building a vibrant, inclusive and just NC women’s movement with women like the 2014 Anne Mackie Award recipient Erin Dale Byrd. Erin has been a fierce social justice advocate all of her adult life, taking leadership on issues such as voting rights, food insecurity […]


The NC Moral Monday Movement Turns Two…..

And NCWU was there to commemorate, and celebrate, what we’ve helped build here in North Carolina since that first group of clergy was arrested for civil disobedience at the NC General Assembly on April 29, 2013. If you had told us then that the North Carolina progressive community would have been able to hold large […]


NC Women – Changing the Narrative


Thanks to everyone who came out to our Women’s Advocacy Day this past week! It was great to see you all there, seasoned advocacy day supporters and first-time citizen lobbyists alike. We hope you gained some new skills, information and networks you can continue to use as the session marches forward, and we all commit […]