Why #WEVote – NC Moms Speak

Thanks to member NC MomsRising and NCWU’s unofficial filmmaker Rebecca Cerese for another great voting PSA! Early voting has started, and we hope you have made a plan to go vote, and take family and friends (and neighbors and co-workers) with you. Some points to remember: If you haven’t registered, you are out of luck […]


This Domestic Violence Awareness Month……Go Vote!

purple ribbon 2

We are coming to the end of another Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM). Today, DVAM is overlapping with the start of early voting here in North Carolina. We hear a lot about domestic violence during DVAM, although not as much as we would like about how we as a society are part of what enables […]


Pepper Sprayed in His Own Home? On Racial Profiling

The below post was cross-posted from Beth Messersmith’s blog on MomsRising’s website. NC MomsRising is a member of NCWU, and Beth is the NC Campaign Director. And we couldn’t agree with her post more. Please sign their petition if you agree.   Imagine your child comes home from high school, letting himself in the door […]


October is DVAM


The month of October is different things to different people. It’s the first full month of fall, with changing leaves and cooler, longer nights. Some consider October the beginning of the holiday season (kicking off with Halloween, of course).  With pink ribbons everywhere you look, many know it as Breast Cancer Awareness month. It’s also […]


Well Done!

Congratulations to our member the League of Women Voters of North Carolina and our partners the NC NAACP (any many others involved in this suit) for their success in protecting at least some of our voting rights this coming election! The 4th Circuit agreed that some of the new voting restrictions will “no doubt” disenfranchise specific […]


Working Together in North Carolina for Reproductive, Sexual Justice for All


Katherine L. Turner, senior adviser staff at member organization Ipas, wrote the below Op-Ed that appeared in the News and Observer. September 28 is the Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion. This is a day to highlight, in meaningful ways and beyond the simplistic rhetoric presented in mainstream media and […]


Get Out the #NCWomen’s Vote – Our Public Service Announcement to You

Tazra Mitchell, 2nd VP, and I collaborated with Rebecca Cerese, local filmmaker, to bring you what we hope is a helpful voting PSA for the 2014 NC election. The information is pretty straightforward – why women should vote, and what you need to do to ensure you actually cast your ballot. Women have a lot […]


No Vote, No Voice – Let’s Not Silence Ourselves this Election

PSA shoot 1

While it may seem impossible to miss if you turn on network TV for any amount of time this fall, there are people – perhaps some know – who don’t know there is a big election coming up in November. Known as “mid-terms”, these elections happen “midway” between Presidential elections, and include US Congressional and […]


Support your local League of Women Voters – We do

Formed around the time of the passage of the 19th amendment, the League of Women Voters has always been clear about its mission  – help women carry out their newly won right to vote by providing education on the issues and protection of their voting rights. It’s a mission they have continued to the present […]


Scenes from a Women’s Equality Day rally – because #WEmatter


Thanks to everyone who came out for our very successful Women’s Equality Day rally as part of the Moral Week of Action this past Tuesday, August 26! Rallies are always a lot of work to put together, but our members and partners came together and did a fantastic job. We especially want to thank: ActionNC, […]