Exploring the new poverty data, disparities, and policy solutions

NCWU board member and NC Budget and Tax Center staffer Tazra Mitchell presented a webinar about the recent release of survey data from the Census Bureau. The webinar highlighted key information about trends in poverty and income data for North Carolina, including how we compare to other states and the nation. It also explored the extent of poverty among different demographic groups and examined the effectiveness of the safety net as an anti-poverty tool.

If you missed the webinar, the slides are available here: Poverty Webinar October 2013_Final And, below are resources related to the webinar:

As noted in the webinar, the NC Budget and Tax Center also has two opportunities for you to take action. Please sign their #TalkPoverty pledge and add your voice to the national movement of people vowing to learn about poverty and its impact in our communities. Also, please think about joining their Letter to the Editor Corps. As part of this engagement effort, they send periodic emails regarding timely issues and ask you to consider submitting letters to the editor to your local paper. Please Email amber@ncjustice.org if you would like to be involved with the LTE Corps, or learn more about other engagement opportunities.

And, if you have questions about the poverty and income data, feel free to reach out to Tazra at tazra@ncjustice.org