Host an Agenda Assembly

NC Women United provides guidance and support to those looking to host a Women’s Agenda Assembly in their community.

In particular, we offer

  • The Agenda Building Book, tips and suggestions for running a successful event.
    This document is revised periodically
  • The Draft Women’s Agenda
    This is the “text book” that can be used to jump-start the discussions at the Agenda Assembly. Papers are now being collected for the 2012 edition. 
  • Financial support for local assemblies
    Particularly if you are arranging an event for the first time, we can provide help with renting space, providing a venue, covering travel expenses for a speaker, advertising the event on Facebook, etc.
  • Publicity for your event on our website and Facebook page
    We can give you administrative access to the Facebook event for your Agenda Assembly and may provide other support if your organizing group does not have its own web page for the event.
  • Ongoing advice and support
    Through a special email list, coordinators of events across the state can share items like the source files for their flyers and press releases, and get access to the NCWU volunteers who are in charge of managing the overall project.

Contact if you’d like to learn more!

Resources from the 2012 Women’s Agenda Assembly Cycle