Get Out the #NCWomen’s Vote – Our Public Service Announcement to You

Tazra Mitchell, 2nd VP, and I collaborated with Rebecca Cerese, local filmmaker, to bring you what we hope is a helpful voting PSA for the 2014 NC election. The information is pretty straightforward – why women should vote, and what you need to do to ensure you actually cast your ballot. Women have a lot at stake in this election, from the marquee US Senate race down to the local commissions and judicial races. Our issues and voices matter, and voting is one way to make our voices heard.

Key takeaway – make a plan to go vote; do not leave it to the whims of your daily schedule. NCWU will be working with our partners and members these next few months to get voting events on your calendar (make sure to check our website often!).  And help your neighbors/family/friends/co-workers make a plan as well. Make it a social event – bring 2, 3, 4, 5 other women with you to the polls. And no, we are not suggesting this because of some sexist idea that women only travel in packs; but we think if you make a plan to vote, and hold yourself accountable among your friends for doing so, many more women will make it to the polls this year.

It will be a busy election season – stay connected! The NC State Board of Elections is always a good resource. And our members Democracy NC and the League of Women Voters North Carolina provide a lot of valuable information. See you at the polls!

Tara Romano, President, NCWU 

10.06.14 update: While same-day voter registration has been restored during early voting, we still want to encourage y’all to make sure you are registered by October 10. Just in case. Below are important dates for voting this year:

Now: all voters can print off their ballots from the State Board of Elections. Many ballots are long, and plenty of local races don’t have the media coverage of the bigger races; there is also a constitutional amendment.  Encourage people to look at their ballots to prepare.

October 10: voter registration ends (NOTE: same day registration has been reinstated for this election thanks to yesterday’s court ruling (and the work of member League of Women Voters NC); however, you can still encourage people to register early if they have the time).

October 23: early voting starts! Look for activities from our members and partners. Check out your times and locations here (by county); they’ve changed.

October 28: Last day to request an absentee ballot by mail.

November 01: Early voting ends (1pm).

November 04: Election Day!

10.08.14 update: The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), in a 7-2 decision, decided on behalf of the North Carolina’s appeal to overturn the injunction. Meaning what we said originally in our voting PSA – that there is no more same day registration – still (unfortunately) holds true. Read the dissent, written by Justice Ginsburg, here; it’s pretty short and to the point.