NC Women have been bringing our voices to the NCGA for a long time now…

(from tonight’s press conference prior to the Unite for Women Moral Monday demonstration; as read by Tara Romano, NCWU President):

We thank the North Carolina NAACP for including women’s issues again in today’s Moral Monday. And we thank the women who have come out these past 11 weeks to stand up not just for themselves, but for others across this state.

Two weeks ago women witnessed, in an undemocratic process not worthy of our elected officials, a surprise attack on our very right to control our bodies. The women of North Carolina stood tall and raised our voices against this attack.

But North Carolina women didn’t begin raising our voices two weeks ago; that’s just when everyone finally started listening. North Carolina Women United has been listening to women speak out loud and clear for months: against the attacks on the vital services our taxes pay for; against attacks on good jobs and equal pay; against attacks on public schools; against attacks on Medicaid and health care access; against attacks on our right to vote; and against attacks on our rights to health and safety.

But after months of disrespect for our lived experiences and our needs as citizens of this state, we realized that not only were we still not being listened to, there was never any intent to listen to us in the first place.

Having been patronized, demonized, disregarded  and disrespected these past few months, we were told recently in the People’s House – our house – to sit down and shut up while extremists attempted to turn back the clock on our lives. So yes, we got louder and we will be louder still. Because the women of North Carolina deserve better and we will come to the public square, to the halls of the NC General Assembly and to the ballot box to demand it. We will Unite for Women, and we will move this state forward together.