NC Women United Joins the HKonJ March for Social Justice

By: Bronwen Wade, NCWU Board Member

February 13th marked the 10th annual HKonJ (Historic Thousands on Jones Street) March.  NC Women United joined hundreds of NAACP branches and social justice organizations to rally in front of the Memorial Auditorium in Raleigh and march to the State Capitol building.  We were there to represent the fight for gender equality and a platform of progressive issues.

The 14-Point Agenda called for access to diverse and high-quality public schools, a living wage, healthcare access, voting rights, affordable housing, environmental justice, collective bargaining rights, and a number of crucial initiatives to address structural racism in the past and present.


We know that most people living in poverty are women, particularly women with children and women of color.  The HKonJ March represents a progressive movement in which many groups’ struggles are deeply connected.  The fight for gender equality is also a fight to combat poverty and racial injustice.

Recent actions in North Carolina to suppress voting rights and gerrymander districts have disproportionately affected women of color and were a key focus of the speeches at HKonJ.  Previous HKonJ rallies helped pave the way for The Racial Justice Act, Same Day Voting, and the Eugenics Compensation Program Bill.  North Carolina has experienced a number of setbacks over the last several years; but large turnout at HKonJ was a reminder that social justice groups are united and connected in working toward a different future for women, children, workers, and oppressed communities.