NC Women United Statement on Passage of Tax Reform Legislation – All Women in NC Deserve a Fair Shot

The tax plan approved by the legislature and signed by the Governor today will move North Carolina’s tax code in the wrong direction. It will provide a large windfall to the best-off taxpayers while failing to provide the promised relief to many low- and middle-income families in the state.

It defies logic that the leadership failed to preserve the state Earned Income Tax Credit, which is an effective pro-work, anti-poverty tool that benefits hundreds of thousands of working women in North Carolina. This tax credit allows working women to reinvest in their families and the economy to their own benefit and to the benefit of our state.

Not only will many families contend with higher taxes, many will likely face less access to much needed public services because this tax plan will result in a huge revenue loss. None of the collective investments in North Carolina’s future are possible without adequate resources. We look forward to the day when low-income women do not pay a higher share of their income in taxes compared to high-income women because all women deserve a fair shot.