Our Draft Agenda for the 2014-2015 Legislative Session is Available!

With the “short session” of the NCGA lasting into August this past summer, and ending just as many of us were preparing to work on GOTV (Get Out the Vote) campaigns, it was a challenge to focus on the coming “long session” (starting in January 2015) and position papers on issues that may come before the General Assembly in a few months. But we do have the latest version available to share with you. Whether you are planning a women’s agenda assembly or just want to discuss the agenda with a few friends, we encourage you to take a look at the papers included so far (there are a few more to come, which we will add to this page as we get them) to familiarize yourself with the topics we may all be talking about in a few months. Access to health care, immigration, voting rights, education, equal pay, economic security and more – it’s not light reading, but we hope you will find this document useful and informative for your advocacy.