Advocacy Day FAQs

Why is it important to meet with my legislators?
Your elected officials represent you, your interests and your views in Raleigh. Therefore, they are accountable to you! The primary goal of Women’s Advocacy Day is that you share your thoughts and opinions on the issues that matter most to you with your elected officials. The best way to do this is an in-person meeting!

What will my legislator expect of me?
Your legislator expects nothing more than you coming to your scheduled appointment on-time and sharing your views with him or her. They do NOT expect you to be an expert on every issue. Rest-assured that they are probably not experts on most of them either. As part of the opening session, we will provide a lobbying training to help you feel even more comfortable! 

What am I going to talk about?
The most important topics to discuss with your legislators are the things that are on your mind and that impact your daily life.  We will provide you with information on the list of issues that our members consider to be “hot topics” as well as talking points on all of the bills on the Legislative Agenda. If you don’t have time to look at the information posted ahead of time on, plan to arrive early enough to review the material that will be in your registration packet. You don’t have to talk about every single issue. Just select the ones that are most important to you.

What if I have questions about the bills or need more information?
We have you covered. Issue experts on the bills will be available at the Legislative Building during the day. Stop by their tables to chat with them and gather additional information. Of course, you can always contact them later if your legislator asks questions that need a more in depth response or additional research. Use the power of the coalition to reach out to others on the issues of the Women’s Agenda to get the answers that your legislator needs! If you have

That’s all fine, but I’m really new to all this and would like some more info.
If you want a  more complete overview of the lobbying process, please check these resources from our archive. [Note the contact information in archive files may no longer be valid.]

How do I get to Women’s Advocacy Day?
The General Assembly website has directions and a map of public parking in the area. Once you are parked, enter the Legislative Building from the Jones Street side. We will have greeters to welcome you. Registration will be on the third floor. Take the stairs directly in front of you or ride one of the elevators in the middle of the building.

What are my options for lunch?
You’ll find a cafeteria and a snack bar in the basement of the Legislative Building and a snack bar on the first floor of the Legislative Office Building (see map of the buildings). If you want a break from the Legislature, both the museums of History and Natural Sciences (across Jones St. from the Legislative Building) have places to get food and there are many more options just a bit further.

What should I wear?
Professional dress is recommended. For instance, wear what you would to an interview for a job at a company where management dresses relatively formally (suits/dresses rather than “business casual”). On the other hand, it’s important to be yourself. It will be fine to wear clothes that you would normally wear to an important appointment with someone who will probably be wearing a business suit.

Does Women’s Advocacy Day happen each year?
For more than a decade, NC Women United has sponsored Women’s Advocacy Day in the spring of odd years, during the NC Legislature’s “long session.” In even years, there is sometimes a smaller, more virtual event to handle the issues of the “short session.”

More questions?