We Will Still Advocate….

Yes, there is inclement weather. And yes, the NC General Assembly as of right now is still open. We will be there because of that, but we do recognize that some of you are coming from far away, and some of you have children who may now be home from school, and some of you just won’t feel comfortable on the roads, and will not be able to join us. We are really sorry we won’t see you in person, but you still can advocate! As we mentioned, the NCGA is still open, so call your reps and mention that you wanted to talk to them on Women’s Advocacy Day! Our legislative agenda is linked below; give it a read, and then call your reps to chat about some issues that are important to you. They may have a slower day planned…..

Check back later today and this week for more information, including more advocacy documents uploaded to our website, to see how  you can continue Women’s Advocacy Day after the snow has gone.

NCWU Women’s Legislative Agenda 2015

Who represents you at the NCGA? Find their contact info here.