Why #WEVote

 Thanks to everyone who came out to our “Women’s Night Out” at the Full Frame Theater at the American Tobacco Campus in Durham last week.  Much like a GOTV (“get out the vote”) pep rally two days before early voting was set to begin, NCWU partnered with Action NC to bring Triangle women together to enjoy local food and music, and share why they planned to vote. Many women at our event spoke up about what was important to them, and why they were motivated to vote, including: 

equitable access to health care; 

the denial of reproductive justice to women in NC;

unconstitutional restrictions of voting rights;

the passing of multiple pieces of racist legislation;


deep cuts to public education funding, including teacher pay;

our culture of violence, including violence in our media;

witnessing people using religion to oppress others, particularly women;

the high cost of higher education;

way too much money in politics;

legislative gridlock, with compromise, or even civility, not an option.

Gloria De Los Santos of Action NC

Gloria De Los Santos of Action NC


There were a number of women (and a few men) in attendance, so we heard many more reasons for the importance of voting this election; women were pretty fired up.  One woman, who had recently become an American citizen, suggested becoming a mother here was the “worst thing you could do”. Not because it’s bad to have your child, but because you “lose all of your rights” as a

Beth Messersmith, NC MomsRising

Beth Messersmith, NC MomsRising

mother. She was referring to the discrimination mothers face in the workplace, such as the unwillingness to hire mothers as full-time employees, and lack of affordable, quality childcare.




Women are the experts in their own lives, and too often we don’t get the opportunity to gather and share our truths; plenty of people would rather speak for us, reducing our lives to how it measures up to an antiquated standard. Thank you again to everyone who came out, and thanks to the NC Music Love Army for providing a soundtrack to the event! We always appreciate any opportunity to hear what women have to say, and we hope to do more events like this again soon.

NC Music Love Army performs

NC Music Love Army performs

Tara Romano, NCWU, President