Why #WEVote – NC Moms Speak

Thanks to member NC MomsRising and NCWU’s unofficial filmmaker Rebecca Cerese for another great voting PSA!

Early voting has started, and we hope you have made a plan to go vote, and take family and friends (and neighbors and co-workers) with you. Some points to remember:

If you haven’t registered, you are out of luck for this election. It’s never too early to register for the next election, though (they really do happen every year). During early voting, you can update your address if you have moved within your county. (You will be prompted for your address when you sign in to get your ballot.)

Go to the NC State Board of Elections for information on polling sites and times (they may have changed; see  handy map here for early voting sites).  There are likely many races on your ballot; print out your ballot before you go so you can research any races you are not sure about.  Flip over the ballot to see the constitutional amendment and judicial races.  No more straight party ticket voting.

On election day, make sure you go to your correct polling site. You can no longer fill out a provisional ballot if you are in the wrong precinct.

Important dates:

October 28: Last day to request an absentee ballot by mail.

November 01: Early voting ends (1pm).

November 04: Election Day!

See you at the polls!