Women’s Advocacy Day, Take 2

Why are women bringing their voices to Women’s Advocacy Day? Access to health care; voting rights; reproductive health and freedom; a living wage; accessible childcare; paid family leave; early education; support for caregivers…..the reasons are as numerous as there are women.  Our common thread is that we trust women to make the choices and decisions that are best for their lives at that time; and to demonstrate that trust, we need to support women. All women. See you in Raleigh, April 21!

(Edited 4.5.2015 to add: Watch President Tara Romano and Directors of Policy Emma Akpan and Felicia Willems on Fox 50’s Tarheel Talk discussing the history of Women’s Advocacy Day; how we create our agenda; the importance of bringing women’s voices to the policy table; and details on some of our issues as well as what to expect from the day itself – lots of great information!)